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SUNBURY, Victoria, Australia
ALL ABOUT OUR BADMINTON CLUB: We’ve been playing daytime Badminton for several years at the Boardman Stadium in Sunbury. We have a Monday morning social group and our Thursday Batanrouge team-based groups. Our current membership comprises women of all ages (25 – 70!) and levels of ability. Many of our members had never played the game before but have made their way up the ranks. We’re all a bit too social and enjoy morning tea in between our games. Sometimes, we go to tournaments at other venues and we have been known to host a tournament or two ourselves. Monday players are allocated to sections one, two and three, based on their level of experience. Once a player has maintained an average score over a three-week period, they are then promoted to the next section. On Thursdays players have the option of playing 'Round Robin' or being assigned to a team and continuing to play with that team throughout the season.
If you’re after a fast moving sport that requires a lot of quick movements, is played indoor and can be fun for the whole family – this is for you.

It is also an easy sport to try – just come along and away you go. We have racquets or you can bring your own.

Sunbury Ladies Badminton Club
PO Box 2187, Sunbury, 3429, Victoria


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